Disclaimer: Beirut (beer pong) can be played with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all. If you choose to play beirut (beer pong) with alcoholic beverages, you should be of legal drinking age and drink responsibly.


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May 4, 2009 Police: Man Slain Over Beer Pong Game
January 15, 2009 Introducing the next great American pastime: beer pong.
Life of Reilly
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August 8, 2008 Game Over
Inside Higher Ed
August 7, 2008 Beer Pong Strikes Back
August 7, 2008 Beer Pong's Big Splash
July 31, 2008 The War Against Beer Pong
July 14, 2008 Video-Game Version of Beer Pong Sparks Controversy
The Chronicle of Higher Education
July 7, 2008 Connecticut Attorney General: ESRB Under the Influence Regarding Alcohol Use in Games
Game Politics
June 12, 2008 Beer Pong Wii Ware Game Prompts Protests From Virginia School & Community Groups
Game Politics
June 11, 2008 School coalitions protest 'beer pong' video
Fairfax Times
May 18, 2008 Hey Facebook: No beer pong for you
May 15, 2008 Facebook vs. CollegeHumor beer pong canceled
April 16, 2008 Beer Pong with Doyle and Todd Brunson
Raw Vegas
April 4, 2008 Beer Pong is going mainstream, bringing worries of binge drinking
Miami Herald
March 28, 2008 Beer Pong Comes to Facebook
January 9, 2008 The brains behind Beer Pong
Minnesota Public Radio
January 8, 2008 Local boys top beer pong series
The Pitt News
January 4, 2008 World Series of Beer Pong III in Las Vegas
Open Press Wire
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November 28, 2007 For the love of the game
The Observer
October 11, 2007 Jersey Shore Town Bans Outdoor Beer Pong
October 5, 2007 Pong Day's Journey into Night: Demystifying Dartmouth's Favorite Game
September 21, 2007 Beer Pong Device Ensures A Sweet Rack
August 29, 2007 Thwock, Gulp, Kaching! Beer Pong Inspires Inventors
The Wall Street Journal
May 11, 2007 Let the games begin! Beer pong athletes, take your places
Orlando Sentinel
May 11, 2007 Root Beer pong on campus
Mustang Daily
May 8, 2007 Editorial - Moms and beer pong
The Daily Barometer
May 5, 2007 College Pastime "Beer Pong" Could Be a Haven For Fun...and Germs!
The Impact
April 27, 2007 The Wizards and Beer Pong
D.C. Sports Bog
April 25, 2007 Unique styles secret to beer-pong success
The Daily Orange
April 24, 2007 Students Create I.V. Beer Pong League
Daily Nexus
April 10, 2007 Beer pong tables become 'a pride thing'
The Review
April 2, 2007 Gauchos Smack Bruins in da Mouf
Daily Nexus
March 26, 2007 Greeks host 'keg party'
The Valley Vanguard
February 28, 2007 Bottoms up: club uses beer pong to raise funds
Central Florida Future
February 11, 2007 So Long, Darts
Xpress Online
February 7, 2007 Tables turn into cash -- Beer pong becomes a business venture
The Daily Aztec
February 5, 2007 Water pong banned, risks of overhydrating cited
The Dartmouth
February 2, 2007 ClayNation: The essence of beer pong bacteria
CBS SportsLine
January 27, 2007 ?Ohmygod, the Bend and Snap. WORKS EVERY TIME!?
The Spartanette
January 23, 2007 UA alumni craft beer pong tables
The Wildcat Online
January 17, 2007 Campaign credited for stores dropping drinking games
One News Now
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December 11, 2006 Beer pong bacteria
The GW Hatchet
November 26, 2006 Beer Pong
Students drawn by game's challenge, but some colleges, fearing binge drinking, want it tabled
Journal Sentinel
August 24, 2006 Shore?s party towns try to control images by banning games that involve beer drinking
August 22, 2006 In Manasquan, the pong's been pung
August 17, 2006 Guide to drinking game basics
Red and Black
July 24, 2006 The Greatest Spectacle That Still Hasn't Seen The Light Of Day
April 25, 2006 Communal Cups Used in Beer Pong Lead to Epidemic Illness and Other Hygeine Problems
The Bi-College News Online
March 24, 2006 Beer pong owns table as competitive sport
The Trail Online
March 16, 2006 An Open Letter To The Guy Who Takes Beer Pong Way, Way Too Seriously
College Humor
February 23, 2006 Turtle pongers give it the old college try
The Baltimore Sun
February 14, 2006 WSOBP 2006 Complete Stats
February 8, 2006 One Swill Game -- The long and tipsy road to the World Series of Beer Pong
Riverfront Times
February 6, 2006 Beginner's guide to beer pong
The State News
January 31, 2006 For two alums, beer pong not just an excuse to drink
The Michigan Daily
January 26, 2006 Playing games
The State News
January 26, 2006 Ruling beer pong
The Michigan Daily
January 23, 2006 Beer pong: Not just your Friday night frat game
The Tartan Online
January 19, 2006 College Students Excel In 'Beer Pong'
All Headline News
January 18, 2006 Michigan grads 'beer pong' champs
United Press International
January 15, 2006 Beer pong has its champions, foes -- U-M grads win 'world series' of game, if not to universal acclaim
January 13, 2006 BEER PONG -- Party game expands legend
Myrtle Beach Online
January 11, 2006 Drink of Champions
Daily Nexus
January 8, 2006 World Series of Beer Pong
Las Vegas Review-Journal
January 1, 2006 Sink It Or Drink It
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December 1, 2005 Beer pong popularity increases
The Beacon Online
November 18, 2005 Verbum Ultimum
The Dartmouth
November 18, 2005 Women and pong: 'just as into it'
The Dartmouth
Part 3 of 3.
November 17, 2005 Storied drinking game began with fewer rules, less beer
The Dartmouth
Part 2 of 3.
November 16, 2005 Beer pong trend takes universities by surpris
The Daily Vidette Online
November 16, 2005 Dartmouth first to promulgate pong
The Dartmouth
Part 1 of 3.
November 15, 2005 Even at chic NYU, beer pong prevails
Washington Square News
November 14, 2005 Drinking games cashed in
Daily Tar Heel
November 9, 2005 Beer Bong v. Beer Pong: Which Reigns Supreme?
The Daily Cardinal
November 3, 2005 Favorite college tradition allows safer drinking
Yale Daily News
October 23, 2005 Paige Wiser Players drinking -- gasp! -- beer, so game gets bounced
Chicago Sun Times
October 20, 2005 Games make binge drinking easier
ASU Web Devil
October 20, 2005 Hittin? a Winner -- A report from the Fourth Annual Beer Pong World Championship.
Monterey County Weekly
October 20, 2005 There's more besides beer pong
The State News
October 19, 2005 Brewer to End Sound-Alike Bar Game
The New York Times
October 16, 2005 As Young Adults Drink to Win, Marketers Join In
The New York Times
September 30, 2005 Beer pong epics! Yale's newest films
Yale Daily News
August 26, 2005 Pilsner and profits: How two young entrepreneurs turned a college drinking game into a business
Baltimore Business Journal
August 11, 2005 Sports club to host beer pong contest
August 3, 2005 Targeting rowdies, Belmar bans booze games
Asbury Park Press
July 13, 2005 The Pong Arm of the Law -- Is there any place local bargoers can legally go to lob little plastic balls into their buddies' beers?
Washington City Paper
May 1, 2005 Tricks of a Beirut Baller
Claremont Student
April 26, 2005 Viewpoint | Beer pong... Beirut... How about Baghdad?
The Tufts Daily
April 7, 2005 Pong business bouncing for alumni
The Digital Collegian
March 7, 2005 Beer Pong: The Aftermath
February 25, 2005 Five Best Drinking Games
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
February 16, 2005 Eats & Drinks
New York Press
February 10, 2005 40oz. to Freedom: You're Always a Winner When You're Playing Beer Pong
Daily Nexus
February 9, 2005 Drinking games deemed less unsanitary than they appear
The Dartmouth
February 7, 2005 Facebook Cancels Beirut Tourney
The Harvard Crimson
February 7, 2005 Students say drinking games spice up partying
Kansas State Collegian
February 2, 2005 cancels NYC beer-pong tournament
The Vanderbilt Hustler
January 28, 2005 TheFaceBook will host National Beirut Championship
January 21, 2005 CSU task force debates pros, cons of beer ban at Hughes
The Coloradoan
January 2, 2005 That's Good Beer Pong
Boom Chicago
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December 1, 2004 Root beer pong event draws players, crowd
The Daily Orange
November 19, 2004 On language, Princeton style: The history of 'Beirut'
The Daily Princetonian
October 13, 2004 Bringing beer pong to BDP
The McGill Tribune
September 15, 2004 Without a Paddle
The Dartmouth Independent
September 13, 2004 Anyone up for beirut? Townhouses shoot and score
The Mirror Online
September 13, 2004 The beauty of Beirut
The Cavelier Daily
September 10, 2004 Initiative begins for Greeks to improve image
The New Hampshire
July 21, 2004 Got Balls?
June 3, 2004 Tri-Pong
Actually, It's a Funny Story
April 22, 2004 A call to, cups
The Daily Cardinal
April 9, 2004 Forget politics, students need to take up some beer pong
The Oswegonian
April 8, 2004 Beirut and other amusing drinking games
The Mirror
April 1, 2004 Beerpong sweeps the nation
The Current
March 31, 2004 Sports editors capture NCAA Beer Pong championship
The Phoenix
March 13, 2004 Stealth Pong
March 11, 2004 Rationalizing the irrational: the Physics of Beirut
The Daily Princetonian
January 29, 2004 Beirut tables taken from basements during townhouse inspections
The Mirror Online
January 20, 2004 The rules, the culture, the subtleties of beer pong
The GW Hatchet
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December 4, 2003 UR's Great Beirut Battle
Campus Times Online
November 10, 2003 Father, son bond over beer pong
The Stanford Daily
October 23, 2003 What is a sport
The Georgetown Voice
October 9, 2003 Table Hopping
The Harvard Crimson Online
September 29, 2003 BBAs vs. MBAs: BBAs Clearly Superior to MBAs
The Monroe Street Journal
September 11, 2003 Beer Pong Wizard?
The Declaration Online
September 11, 2003 New drinking regs are vauge, ineffective
The Kenyon Collegian
July 21, 2003 Beer pong: the game of the sophisticated sportsman
The Cavalier Daily
February 13, 2003 Beirut, the athletic equalizer
The Amherst Student
January 29, 2003 Whatever happened to Pong?
City Newspaper
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December 5, 2002 Playing the name game with a party classic
The Daily Orange
November 14, 2002 Beirut and Burstein: Matter and antimatter collide
The Phoenix
October 5, 2002 Beer pong athletes push bodies to the limit
The Wharton Journal
September 17, 2002 BC reveres "ancient" tradition of Beirut
The Heights
April 8, 2002 G-bergs clinch first Beer Pong Tournament
The Wharton Journal
January 18, 2002 Dartmouth Students Want to See that Pong P-Pong Pong Pong
The Dartmouth
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September 21, 2000 Beirut will save the 2004 Olympics
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
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May 1, 1998 Beirut Gaining Popularity
The Phoenix Online
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October 16, 1997 More than a game: Pong goes way back
The Dartmouth


Disclaimer: Beirut (beer pong) can be played with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all. If you choose to play beirut (beer pong) with alcoholic beverages, you should be of legal drinking age and drink responsibly.