Disclaimer: Beirut (beer pong) can be played with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all. If you choose to play beirut (beer pong) with alcoholic beverages, you should be of legal drinking age and drink responsibly.

How to Be a Beirut (Beer Pong) League Commissioner

Being a beirut (beer pong) league commissioner can be frustrating, but rewarding. This article provides recommendations for running a successful league.  

Disclaimer: If you choose to play beirut (beer pong) with alcoholic beverages, you should be of legal drinking age and drink responsibly.


League Rules

When deciding on the rules of play for a league, keep in mind the number of teams, when and where games will be played, and the skill levels of players that will be competing. If all the games are played on one night a week, then the rules should be geared toward reducing the length of game play. Consider using rules for 6 Cup Triangles, Consolidation by Cup, and Knock Over Shots. If games will be played at the conveniences of the teams, then the rules should focus on enforcing competitive play. Consider using rules for No Consolidation, No Distractions, and No Spin Defense.

The House Rules Generator™ provides a quick and easy way of preparing rules for a league. After deciding on the rules of play, enough copies should be created for each player, or each team in the league. It should be made clear, that these rules will be the official rules, and any attempts to deviate from them will be met with harsh penalties, and possible banishment from league play.

League Dues

To recoup the expenses of running a league, each team should be charged dues. When figuring league dues keep in mind possible expenses such as, shirts, balls, cups, awards, and a playoff tournament.

League Play


Depending on how long a season will be, and how many games will be played, consider having teams of three or four players. This might help alleviate scheduling problems that occur because teams of two have trouble being available on the same night. Games should still be played with two players per team, but can allow substitutions. However, once a player has been substituted out of a game, they cannot return to play for the rest of the match.

Divisions and Conferences

To make scheduling easier, teams should be grouped randomly into at least two conferences. If there are enough teams, consider breaking the conferences into multiple divisions. By breaking the teams into conferences and divisions, the number of games played can be reduced if necessary. Teams within each division must play each other, as well as each team within their conference. However, each division might only play teams from one other division in the other conference. Also, teams within each division might be required to play each other twice during a season.

If this is the first year of a league, then teams should be randomly divided between the divisions and conferences. However, for subsequent seasons, teams may stay in the same divisions with new expansion teams replacing teams that no longer exist. If the turnover of teams is great enough, then randomly forming divisions and conferences is preferable.


Depending on how many teams participate in a league, and how matches are scheduled, consider have matches of three games. The results of every game during a match should be recorded, and the total number of games won will still determine which teams progress into the playoffs. By playing three games per match, it will not be as easy for teams to shut out their opponents. Also, the race for the playoffs will be much tighter.


By far, the most difficult part of being a league commissioner is getting all of the teams to play their matches each week. There are a few techniques that can be employed to encourage teams to play each week.

  1. The first technique, which was previously mentioned, is to form teams of three or more players. Each team will only need two of their players to show up at a match to avoid a forfeit.

  2. The second technique is to have flexible scheduling. Let the teams playing each night determine when and where the game will be played. Be sure to stress that only certain cups, balls, and tables are acceptable for league play. Also, consider implementing the Shot Line rule to standardize play.

  3. The third and final technique is to enforce forfeits of matches. If matches are the best of three games, then the forfeiting team shall receive the full three losses, but the winning team shall only receive two wins. This will prevent teams from running away with a season because they play many teams that forfeit consistently.

Power Rankings

Let's face it, running a beirut (beer pong) league, is a hassle; by posting power rankings each week the commissioner has the ability to take cheap shots at all of the players in their league. To create power rankings, ignore all division and conference boundaries. Heck, ignore the teams' winning percentages; power rankings are all about what the commissioner thinks. If the league is running flexible scheduling, encourage teams to include highlights of each match with their score reports. A sample power ranking will look like this:

Rank (Previous) Team Record
1 (1) Rim Jobbers 18-3 Still holding strong this week after devastating the Ruit-rats 3-0 in their second match this season. They will have the chance to prove their ranking this week against Beer Pong, Inc.
2 (3) Beer Pong, Inc. 16-5 Six wins in a row boosts them to the number two position this week. Let's see if their lucky streak will end this week.
3 (22) Pink Tacos 5-16 Earned the number three position this week after shutting out the Lepers who made disparaging remarks about the commissioner following last week's rankings.

League Championship


After regular season play has concluded, the playoffs will begin. Each winner of a division should advance, as well as a number of wild card teams based on winning percentage. Tiebreaks should be awarded by head to head record, division records, conference records, and average margin of victory. In the extreme chance that the teams are still tied, a tiebreaker match should be played.

Playoffs matches can be played once per week, or a Beirut (Beer Pong) Tournament can be held to decide the league champion. If matches are held once per week, then the number of games played should increase as the playoffs progress. For the early rounds, matches should be best of five games. For later rounds and the championship match, seven games should be played.

Awards Ceremony

After a long and arduous journey, one team will need to be crowned the champions. Consider making a cup or belt to be passed from champion to champion each year. Also, have a separate trophy or plaque for each player on the championship to keep as their own. Be sure to have a camera handy to record the moment for posterity, or for blackmail purposes.


Disclaimer: Beirut (beer pong) can be played with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all. If you choose to play beirut (beer pong) with alcoholic beverages, you should be of legal drinking age and drink responsibly.